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General Information For Puerto Vallarta

General Info for Puerto Vallarta

About Puerto Vallarta

About Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has something for everyone, whether it’s catching rays at the pool or beach, deep-sea fishing, golf or shopping until you drop, our vacation rentals are close to everything. The wide variety of restaurants, nightlife, tours, excursions, wildlife, and beaches has turned Puerto Vallarta into a world-class vacation destination.

Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

Puerto Vallarta is world famous for it’s extensive variety of restaurants. There are Italian, German, French, Chinese, Thai and of course Mexican. The seafood cannot be beat. With the wide variety of cruise choices, there are quality restaurants for every budget. From the budget minded traveler to the most sophisticated palette. Most restaurants are open seven days a week during high season, but some do close one day a week to give their employees time with their families. So be sure to check before you go.

Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

The night goes until the dawn in Puerto Vallarta. The nightlife has something to everyone’s style and wishes. From piano bars to sports bars to late night discos, you’re bound to find the right spot. Most nightclubs are open until 2 AM, but some party into the night until 6 AM and local disco stays open until 9 AM.

Puerto Vallarta Beaches

The Banderas Bay, in which Puerto Vallarta resides, has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Most beaches are accessible by foot and all beaches in Mexico are open to the public. One extremely popular beach is Los Muertos, which is located in Old Vallarta and is famous for it’s ocean side restaurants and beach bars.

GLBT Travelers

Vallarta now has many businesses and establishments that cater to the GLBT community. There are several different gay bars and gay clubs, a world famous gay beach, special gay trips on boats, gay-only tours including evenings out at natural hot springs, zip-lines, horseback riding, etc. The gay scene in Vallarta runs the gamut, from gay beach bums, to the A-list couples who winter here and entertain themselves and their friends in high style.

Weather for PV

Puerto Vallarta has become one of Mexico’s most popular travel destinations largely due to its fantastic weather. Thanks to its mild tropical climate, Puerto Vallarta boasts great temperatures all year round with an average of 77 °F (25 °C). Puerto Vallarta has become a haven for the snowbound with temperatures in the mid 70′s to low 80′s all winter long. Sun worshipers from all over will love the summer months with temperatures reaching into the 90′s.

For those not as fond of high temperatures, the rainy season from June thru October brings tropical breezes and afternoon showers that drop the humidity levels and provide relief from the summer heat. This washes the streets clean and leaves the city fresh while generally not interfering with the usual daytime activities. The spectacular thunderstorms brought on by the rainy season provide extraordinary light shows and a great way to spend a romantic evening for two.

The weather in Puerto Vallarta is perfect for outdoor activities whether you like golfing, deep sea fishing, sailing or relaxing on the beach. Sharing the same latitude as Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta is a perfect getaway from the biting winter cold and, as many Americans and Canadians are discovering, an ideal climate to retire.

Nearby Activities

  • Boating/Sailing
  • Puerto Vallarta Zoo
  • Canopy Tours / Zip Lines
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Parasailing
  • Jet Skiing
  • Snorkeling/Diving
  • Wild life adventures
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Shopping/Markets
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Fitness/Gym/Yoga
  • Health/Beauty Spas
  • Theater/Movies
  • Horseback Riding
  • Restaurants

Frequently asked questions in general for PV:

Q:Should we exchange money to pesos before we arrive?
A:It is not necessary to exchange money into peso before arrival. There are quite a few bank ATM’s located at the airport in addition many areas in and round town. Banks give the best exchange rate.
Q:What currency is the best to use, cash, credit card or traveler’s checks?
A:Paying in cash is always preferred, in pesos or in US dollars. If you decide to pay in US dollars, expect the exchange rate to be lower than what the rate is at the bank. Credit cards are accepted at larger stores and restaurants, although foreign currency charge will most likely be included. Traveler’s checks are rarely used and the majority of places will not accept them, including banks.
Q:Ice? Water? Is it safe when I am out and about?
A:YES. The water or ice you get at restaurants is safe to consume. You can order without reservations. However, if you are walking around, we suggest you carry your own water bottle. There are very few public drinking fountains..if any…and you can get dehydrated quickly. We do suggest being careful of vendors on the street that might be selling shaved (flavored) ice drinks, or ice-creams. If in doubt, err on the side of caution.
Q:What is the best way to get around Puerto Vallarta and its surrounding areas?
A:Puerto Vallarta is a walking town. The best way to experience PV is to walk, as much of the sightseeing areas can be approached by foot. Buses are the least expensive way to get around town, and also readily available. It costs $6.50 pesos, and the driver can usually make change. It is definitely an experience not to be missed. Taxi cabs are everywhere, except for when it rains heavily. Always ask how much the fare is before you get into the cab. The prices are set from one area to the next area and tipping is optional. Rental Cars and Private Cars with drivers are also available. Pricing more information is available on request.
Q:Are the taxis or buses safe?
A:Yes – you do not need to worry. Taxis drivers may or may not speak some English…so its best to practice some basic Spanish with them…however, most will know specific or popular destinations. As for buses, they are the cheapest form of transportation and are easily navigated for the most part and make periodic stops along the way. Buses have their destinations written in shoe polish/painted on their windshields…if in doubt you can ask the driver, they will let you know if they will go to your destination. (If you get on the wrong bus, just get off at the next corner!) Buses are not air conditioned…so they can get rather warm during the summer.
Q:What are all the military or armed guys walking around – is there a threat?
A:Puerto Vallarta is considered very safe. Practice common sense when walking at night or in areas off the tourist track. The armed military and police both patrol many areas on a regular basis and are visible to the public – to give a sense of well being and that they are here to protect everyone. Occasionally you might see even more of a presence if a government official is visiting.
Q:Is there surfing nearby?
A:Because we are located in a bay the waters are calm. You will find the best waves further up north towards Punta Mita or Sayulita.
Q:What is the nightlife like? Is there something for me?
A:Puerto Vallarta has something for everyone!!! Daylife to Nightlife!! Ask around, walk around…you will find something. Our house manager can also help you figure out stuff to do.